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Foil Printing


By 2nd August 2016July 12th, 2019No Comments

Foil Printing – catching the limelight 

August brings with it that wonderfully relaxed holiday atmosphere. Sun, sea and sand.

As I write this, the first of the summer air shows is beginning on the South Devon seaside. Red Arrows roar overhead, glinting in the bright sunlight.

It’s this eye-catching feature that is the focus of our blog this month, with the stunning foil block used to highlight the Red Arrows on our August calendar page. Foil blocking is one of our favourite finishes, it’s become increasingly more affordable with our new technology and years of experience.

Foil blocking with print as a combined effort is guaranteed to lift your printed media way above the rest. It’s popular but still just as inspiring as ever. Our customers have experienced the benefits of using some pretty wacky variations of this process.

Not only is foil available in a huge range of colours, we can also foil in different patterns with holographics, textures and finishes. It’s almost unbelievable when you see some of the fine details we’ve managed to pick out with a textured foil block – for a cut-out image of a Rolls Royce engine, for example!

We can’t recommend printing with foil enough. Call us for a chat so that we can help you discover the potential to boost your print.


Here’s a few ideas for starters to help you get the best from foil block printing:

  • Direct mail, invitations, brochures, packaging, catalogues, folders
  • Highly creative, luxury promotional materials
  • Massive range of colours available beyond the standard metallic gold and silver
  • Try using a clear foil to highlight printed colours beneath
  • Pick out your logo or strapline with a foil colour

Our print experts on what to look out for with foil blocking:

“Remember that foil block relies on a metal die stamping process. So don’t design your artwork with any areas to be foiled that are highly detailed, or involve very thin lines.”

Our creative suits have a word for you too:

“Foil blocking is available in such a huge range of colours that you’re bound to find one to suit your brand. If you can’t though, fear not; simply use a standard pantone colour within the print process, then apply a clear foil block over the top! Still gives the same foil blocked effect, but this time with your corporate colours as consistent as ever. Winner!”


Foil blocking is a unique process. It uses a moulded metal die which is stamped onto the paper, with an ultra-thin sheet of metal foil in between. This transfers the metal foil to the paper in the shape of the die.

Dies are always customised to your specific design, but once you’ve invested in a die (typically £80 – £150 depending on the intricacy) then it’ll last for years.

If you want to see foil printing for yourself and compare some of the different finishes, take a look at the August leaf in our 2016 calendar. If you don’t have one to hand, just ask and we’ll post one to you right away.

You’re reading an article from the Newton Print Marketer Pro Hub. We’re trying to do our bit to help marketers’ lives easier. It’s been confirmed that marketing and design departments are the most overworked of all so it’s time that was recognised. We use our experience to help you transform mediocre marketing with an injection of creativity and 30 years of know-how.

Newton Print – taking care of you personally.

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