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Cooking up a regal roast

By 10th August 2021February 2nd, 2022No Comments
Roast Kings pub takeaway food packaging printing with Newton Print

Back in the midst of it all, in 2020, the nation’s pubs were facing bleak times.

But now they have re-opened fully, things are looking better.

Some hospitality operators had the tenacity to change direction and move into new areas where their expertise was needed.

Enter our clients Kathryn Hayler and Richard Findlay from The Old Bath Arms in Frome, Somerset.


Richard and his team saw the closure of their pub during the initial lockdown last year as an opportunity.

Like lots of entrepreneurial pubs/restaurants, they turned to home-delivered food in response to demand while their doors were closed.

They quickly realised that they needed to scale-up and promptly built/installed various freezer units to store the meals before shipping them out.

Roast Kings

In a pretty short space of time, they built up the Roast Kings brand, advertised, prepared meals, devised and organised delivery options and set up an online store.

Initially, we printed their meal packaging sleeves, but now they want us to produce all their packaging, so they have a complete solution for consumers to receive.

The Old Bath Arms is now Roast Kings HQ and business is booming.

Moving forward, Richard and the team are looking to set up a facility specifically to produce their meals.

Huge demand

Richard told us: “When the pandemic first struck last year, we were devasted and distraught. We couldn’t see how we could meet our commitments and employ our team. Even with furlough you still need to make people’s wages up and you don’t get paid in advance.

“We had many sleepless nights and then it come to us – boom! We could do something a little bit different and there was a huge demand for it. That demand hasn’t stopped now things are opening up again, as people still want to eat at home.

“The way we’re doing it helps reduce food waste, as we can cater for small portion requests and people aren’t having to buy items that may go off before they get a chance to use them.

British roasts

“We offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free roast options, all day cooked breakfasts and gourmet steaks and pies too. There’s no food shopping and prep to do, and no washing up, which saves on water consumption.

“Our authentic British roasts are prepared by our professional chefs, blast frozen to lock in freshness and flavour, and delivered directly to our customers doors any day they choose.

CO2 balanced

“Also, by using Newton Print for all our printed packaging we’re helping safeguard endangered forest. We can show our customers a certificate to highlight the amount of CO2 balanced and the area of land we’ve helped protect while working with them.

“As official Carbon Balanced Printers, they have their emissions offset by CarbonCO working with World Land Trust. Each year their planet-positive printed packaging helps preserve more than 44 acres of endangered forest, equivalent to 25 football pitches. We’re delighted to be part of that.”

Get in touch

If you’re an artisan or SME food or drink producer or a pub that has branched out like Roast Kings and you’d like help with your printed packaging, please get in touch with us today for an informal and friendly chat.

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