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Marketer Hub: Emotional Brands webinar recording

By 28th May 2020No Comments

Check out the live recording of our sixth Marketer Hub webinar.

In this webinar we invite Robert Camp, Director of Strategic Innovation at Stephens Scown, to share his valuable insight into how emotional intelligence should be driving the future of our brand messaging.

One thing’s for sure; nothing will ever be the same again. The old hard-sell approach is fast being replaced by the new experience-led relationships. 

Robert has studied and researched the shift to emotional messaging and will dive deep into the thought process behind why this should shape your marketing strategy. He’ll explore how the focus should be on revitalising your internal culture to create extraordinary customer experiences.

We’ll learn how emotional messaging can be used to both capture new customers and retain existing clients.

Robert is a true pioneer in brand ownership and has transformed a traditional law firm into the multi-award-winning enterprise it is today.

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