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Soft Touch Laminate


By 3rd May 2016July 12th, 2019No Comments

The Soft Touch Laminate: irresistible luxury  

Pick up your Newton Print calendar and run your fingers over the May page (tell us if you haven’t got our 2016 edition). Have you ever felt anything so velvety? We think it’s like a rose petal to touch.

Soft touch lamination is one of the best-loved finishes and trusted by thousands of marketers to give their print an incomparable quality. With a velvet-soft touch and a robust surface there’s no wonder it’s a popular choice for direct mail, brochure covers, postcards and more.

This finish is famed for achieving that can’t-put-it-down effect but there’s more to it than just cosmetics. It also protects the print from scratching and does a much better job of bringing out the vibrant colours of print; a true all-rounder.

For more reading on soft touch lamination, have a look at our dedicated page here. You can also compare the difference between this and the cheaper, faster coating version in our other blog posts.


Your own imagination is pretty well open to creative license, but here’s where we think works best with soft touch lamination:

  • Brochure covers, direct mail and postcards
  • Luxury hospitality or leisure brochures
  • High-end product marketing
  • On a silk paper for best results
  • Use with Spot UV for maximum contrast

Our print gurus have a few words of advice for you:

“Soft-touch lamination is truly awesome and we can’t recommend it enough. You just need to watch out for large areas of solid, dark colour such as black, navy, grey etc. This laminate is likely to show up incriminating fingerprints or general marks if it has a dark colour beneath it, so bear that in mind when you’re designing for print. We promise you won’t be disappointed though; your customers won’t forget you in a hurry!”


Laminating is essentially an ultra-thin sheet of plastic that’s heat-sealed to the surface of the paper once it’s printed. This has the effect of protecting the print from water droplets, scratches and those wretched dog-ears. There are a few different alternatives available including anti-scuff laminate and textures such as fabric or leather effects.

If you want more, check out our case study where you’ll see soft touch laminate in action. We’d love to show you more too, so keep an eye out for our next monthly spotlight.

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