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We sent more than 95% of our factory and office waste to be recycled

By 17th March 2022May 19th, 2022No Comments

Last year (2021) we sent more than 95% of our factory and office waste to be recycled.


Our Sales & Marketing Director, Simon Besley, on a visit to the Coastal Recycling Centre

We generated 3,582kg of waste and 95.2% of it (3,410kg) was recycled with Coastal Recycling in Exeter, 4.5% was used to generate electricity and 0.3% (100kg of waste ink) was sent to landfill.

We were thrilled to find out that more than 95% of the waste we generated was recycled and that just 0.3% was sent to landfill.

We have strict environmental policies and are one of only a handful of UK printers who are carbon balanced, so sustainability is top of our priorities list, which is why we’re thrilled that such a small amount of our waste has gone to landfill. Of course, we can always do better and hope to beat this figure in 2022.

Emily Delve, Commercial Director at Coastal Recycling, said: “We’re thrilled that Newton Print Ltd has achieved such a high recycling rate this year. At Coastal Recycling we are committed to helping all our customers become responsible recyclers and achieve their sustainability goals. Our robust reporting system means we can closely track a customers’ waste material so we can work together to make improvements to reduce waste and increase recycling rates.”

Coastal Recycling has been servicing businesses, households and local authorities across Devon for more than 30 years.

It operates in six sites across Devon and handles 200,000 tonnes of material each year of which 90% will be recovered.

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