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Streamlined sleeves for Tastily

By 3rd November 2023No Comments

Tastily are a leading producer of fresh pre-prepared meals in the UK, with a focus on flavour and balanced nutrition. Available on subscription, these meals are chef-prepared and a popular choice for home-delivered healthy eating choices.

Variety and Choice

Tastily offer a large range of meal options in generous portion sizes, with a regularly-changing menu to keep things fresh. With over 70 dishes and a rotating menu, there’s something for everyone in their range.

How we improved the sleeves

Tastily approached us looking for a new solution for their sleeves. They’d always used a full-width option which covered the entire film of the food tray but were keen to reduce unit costs whilst not reducing the visual impact and ‘real-estate’ on the packaging.

The standard procedure for a reduced-width sleeve is simply to trim down the width so that it’s more economical to produce. However, that would have left Tastily with too little space to include all the necessary detail including nutritional information, cooking instructions etc. They were also keen to preserve their brand heritage when the meals were placed in customer fridges.

We devised a sleeve which was significantly reduced in width (by almost 50%) but which still covered a large surface area, by switching it round to fit lengthways rather than widthways on the tray. This produced a longer net length but because of the significant reduction in width, the unit cost was reduced without impacting surface area.

In addition, the board usage reduced by 44%, giving a net benefit to the environment.

Smartpak integration

Using our Smartpak software, we dramatically reduced the volume of time taken to input and amend the artwork. With the automation, it not only prevented delays but also ensured accuracy and streamlined the artwork process. Martin Prasad, Operations Manager at Tastily, was delighted to inform us that “Our first order with Newton Print was the first time we’ve had a sleeve delivery that was 100% correct”!

How we can help you

If you’re a food and drink business owner looking to create impactful and eco-friendly printed packaging, please get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

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