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Dishing-up sustainable mealtimes

By 2nd February 2022January 8th, 2024No Comments

Mealtimes and get togethers around the table are often a cherished part of the day, an opportunity to refuel and socialise with friends or family.

Mealtime packaging printers

But not everyone has the time to cook nutritious and tasty meals from scratch.

Plus, more and more of us have been and still are entertaining at home or spending more time in our homes these days. All this has led to a recent boom in home-delivered and pre-prepped meals, packed with high-quality ingredients.

Enter Mealtime, which was created in July 2021 by Sippie Mungaraza, Dave Mungaraza and Nancy Matsika to bring a taste of Africa and the Caribbean to the nation’s plates.

Passion for food

CEO and co-founder of Mealtime, Sippie Mungaraza, said: “My background is in accounting, however I have a passion for food and the onset of the pandemic pushed me to pursue my dream to share the flavoursome cuisines that I adore, and I’ve come to realise, that others love it too.

“I wasn’t alone in this and earlier this year we set out to make meals, inspired by recipes from across Africa and the Caribbean, accessible to every household.

“We started off small but have since created a whole variety of products from ready meal main dishes to desserts and treats, as well as drinks and snacks.”

Reducing food waste

 The entrepreneurs soon realised the increased demand for restaurant-quality meals and meal kits wasn’t just a phase for great tasting meals but was practical too.

Sippie continues: “There are many reasons why consumers opt for pre-prepared meals, it’s not just time-saving but it also reduces your food waste and can also help save you money.

“We also wanted to help remove the stigma behind ready meals and frozen foods. Our products contain fresh ingredients sourced from British farms, that we truly believe our customers will enjoy.

“Our meals don’t have any additives or preservatives, so all the nutrition and goodness from the ingredients are retained. And our cuisine isn’t something you’d find at your average takeaway!”

Mealtime printed packaging sleevesPackaged responsibly

Sustainability is a key part of Mealtime’s ethos. It believes it has a responsibility to ensure that this is covered through the products themselves on to how they operate and down to the packaging.

Our team was delighted when Mealtime contacted us. Together we worked with Sippie and her design team to produce the modern printed sleeves for the brand’s ready meals.

The goal was to provide Mealtime with the best value printed packaging possible, without compromising on quality. We helped reduce the width of the sleeves to create a more economical outcome, that was good cost-wise and environmentally, while still containing all the information required.

Sippie adds: “Our designers worked hard to create a fantastic and colourful brand presence, which really encapsulates our meals. However, as a start-up company we needed a printed packaging solution that would be cost-effective while delivering the wow-factor for consumers to then enjoy in their own homes.

“We were delighted we chose Newton Print. We found them to be highly responsive, efficient and brilliant to work with.”

Get in touch

If you’re a budding entrepreneur in the food and drink industry and you’re hoping to create impactful and eco-friendly printed packaging that delivers everything you want, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.


Mealtime packaging


Custom printed sleeves are ideal for postal boxes, ready meals, deli pots and much more.

Mealtime packaging


Printed corrugated boxes are perfect promoting your brand whilst protecting your products.

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Being environmentally conscious has always been very important to us.

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