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We’ve got enough stock to meet Christmas demand

By 4th November 2021November 8th, 2021No Comments

We’re preparing to meet high demand in the run up to Christmas and have secured stocks of raw material despite shortages due to logistics and COVID-19 (November 2021).

So, if you’re an artisan, start-up and SME food and drink producer we can help bring their products to market on time, and, on shelves for Christmas.

Simon Besley, our Sales and Marketing Director, explains: “It’s been a struggle for many businesses in our industry to get raw materials due to issues related to getting supplies into the country, a shortage of HGV drivers, and the impact of COVID-19 worldwide on work forces. Christmas is quickly approaching and as businesses across the South West, and further afield, are preparing their seasonal products for the festivities, many are facing difficulties with lead times and materials, and this is obviously very stressful.

Simon Besley, our Sales and Marketing Director with a small portion of the stock we hold ready for Christmas.

Planning ahead

“Many of them would have been planning for this well ahead of time. However, the packaging industry overall has really struggled to meet demand this year due to shortages of materials, logistics issues and the knock-on impact of staff shortages due to Covid, and we’ve discovered many brands are struggling to find solutions that will reach them on time. This isn’t something any business wants to hear, especially if you’re an SME who has put everything into their products and has already endured a very challenging past 20 months. However, we’ve been able to secure good stocks of raw materials and can meet demand head-on.

Quick lead times

“At Newton Print, we’re experts in printed packaging for food and drink brands, so we’re fully aware of those pressures. Combined with the extra shortages, we’ve been with them every step of the way. As a result, we’ve been sourcing stock ready to assist and I can confidently say we have lead times that are well below the norm.

“This of course, depends on the project and individual requirements, but on average our lead times are just a short three-to-four weeks long, compared with the more common eight-to-twelve-weeks others are quoting.

“What’s more, if businesses come to us, we can provide them with solutions. Not only are we packaging experts, but we also have our own inhouse creative team to provide further ideas on how we can get projects from the factory floor to the shop floor as efficiently as possible, while still being on-brand and high-quality.

Carbon Balanced

“We’re also one of just a handful Certified Carbon Balanced printers in the UK. We’re aware that many businesses are seeking new ways to offer their products to consumers, who are now more environmentally aware and origin-savvy. Through us, we can help offset your carbon footprint, so rapid printing projects aren’t as harmful as you’d think.”

The certification, which is part of a scheme operated by World Land Trust (WLT), was attained by offsetting our entire annual operational carbon footprint through the purchase of endangered tropical habitat.

By doing this, we will each year balance the equivalent of 24 tonnes of carbon, resulting in the preservation of four acres of endangered forest.

Independent and family-run

Simon adds: “We’re also a fully independent, family-run business, so we genuinely care about the success of your own venture at this time of year.

“Our team have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure we can offer our clients the best service, so if you’re seeking truly sustainable printed packaging this Christmas, we’d love to hear from you.”

If you’re keen to find out how we can get your projects completed on time and on shelves for Christmas, please get in touch with our friendly team today by calling 01626 368986, or emailing [email protected].

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