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Does your product visually excite you? Do you ever feel that the packaging on the outside doesn’t do justice to the food on the inside?

Gone are the days of dull, uninspiring packaging. With the rise in popularity of printed sleeves, food producers can transform their packaging into a dynamic and eye-catching tool for attracting customers and boosting sales.

But what exactly are printed sleeves, and why should you consider using them as part of your food packaging?

Printed sleeves are a type of packaging that features custom printing on a flexible material, usually carton-board but also plastic (often referred to as shrink sleeves). They are typically used to wrap around a container such as a tray or pot, providing both protection and a visually appealing aesthetic.

Why should I use sleeves for my food packaging?

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There are many benefits to using printed sleeves for packaging. One of the biggest advantages is that they allow for complete customization. With printed sleeves, you can choose your design, colours and text, giving you the freedom to create packaging that perfectly reflects your brand and stands out on the shelf.


Another benefit of printed sleeves is that they provide an effective way to showcase your products. Printed sleeves allow you to display high-quality images and compelling text, giving potential customers all the information they need to make a purchase decision. Sleeves can also incorporate a window or aperture so that the food inside can be viewed by the customer.

In addition to their visual appeal, printed sleeves are also practical. They are typically easy to apply and remove, making them a convenient packaging solution for a wide range of products. Printed sleeves can also be easily recycled, making them a sustainable option for environmentally conscious food producers.

The benefits of printed sleeves Printed sleeves are also a great way to protect your product during shipment which is especially useful for D2C business models. Having a printed sleeve wrapped around your product provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring the tray or tub isn’t damaged and thus reducing refund claims.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of printed sleeves is that they can help boost your sales. Eye-catching packaging has been shown to increase consumer interest and purchase intent and with printed sleeves, you can create packaging that truly stands out and captures attention.

One study* proved that 7 in 10 people admitted that packaging influenced their purchasing decisions, so it’s important to get it right first time.

So why settle for boring packaging when you can have custom-printed sleeves that make your products shine? Say goodbye to dull packaging and hello to the benefits of printed sleeves.

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*Source: Caltex Plastics


The benefits of printed sleeves


Custom printed sleeves are ideal for postal boxes, ready meals, deli pots and much more.

The benefits of printed sleeves


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The benefits of printed sleeves


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