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The design process for a miniature bottle box involves several key steps that help to ensure that the final product meets the needs and expectations of the client. Here’s an overview of how the design process typically works for a miniature bottle box:


The first stage of the process always involves scoping out the project. What do you want to achieve? How many bottles do you want per box? Will the boxes be sold on retail shelves or online for home delivery? Do you want any unique features such as shaped windows or headers? What sort of timelines do we need to work to?


Once we’ve received your sample bottles, we’ll start work on measuring up and producing a plain sample to serve as a concept to show you how the end result could look. We’ll also test to see whether your bottles fit into one of our standard VariPak boxes – ideal for short deadlines!


We’ll send you photos of the concepts (or show you via a video call or live meeting if you prefer). Once you’re happy with the general look and feel, we’ll send you a plain sample to make sure you’re happy with how everything fits together.

Technical Drawings

When you’ve signed off the concepts, we’ll then finalise the technical drawings. These will be used by your designer (or our own design studio) to apply the creative artwork.

Pre-production sample

Once you’ve signed off the artwork, we’ll then produce a final digitally-printed sample box to make sure all the print is in the right place. Then it’s ready for production!

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