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Our BRC accreditation is very important to us and is a testament to our high standards. Our BRCGS (Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standard) for packaging materials issue 6 means we meet the benchmark for good manufacturing practice so customers can be assured that our products are quality assured, legally compliant, and authentic.

BRCGS Packaging Materials also helps us adapt to changing market forces. Through continuous revisions, BRCGS helps to support in the drive for sustainable and environmental-friendly packaging, changing packaging technology solutions, offline to e-commerce and direct to consumer, plus the control of allergens.

BRCGS packaging accreditation

What does BRC stand for?

BRCGS stands for Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standard and was created to ensure food safety standards were synchronised across the supply chain so food manufacturers and retailers can be assured that products sold to consumers are of high quality and safe.

This accreditation is recognised by large supermarkets and other retailers as an indicator that a company has high food safety standards and are safe to purchase from.

What does that mean for Newton Print?

BRC certificate for food packaging Newton Print’s BRCGS for packaging materials issue 6 accreditation means that our printed packaging meets BRC standards. Our grade B rating gives our customers the confidence that their packaging is produced in an environment and process that complies with international (GFSI) standards for food safety.

Our certification is applicable to packaging materials produced on-site and through third-party organisations for food and non-food industries. It includes lithographic and digital printing and conversion of paper packaging.

BRC accreditation within the supply is important for food producers as it removes compliance headaches and ensures products can be more easily accepted into major retailers. It gives peace of mind that the food safety audit process has been covered.

Types of packaging available

We have a wide range of packaging available for food manufacturers, such as:

How we can help you

Get in touch to learn more about how we can create your food packaging to comply with your own BRC standards.

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BRC packaging printing for charcuterie


Our printed packging wallets give your products an extra visual boost on-shelf and provide protection in transit.

BRC Certified packaging sleeves


Custom printed sleeves are ideak for postal boxes, ready meals, deli pots and much more.

BRC Certified packaging printing


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